Our management

Pr. Odile Launay (Université Paris Descartes) is in charge of managing the network. The organization and strategic management relies on 3 decision-making bodies:

  •     An executive board composed of a representative of each partner institutions and associate members.
  •     The management team, composed of the coordinator of the network, the coordination team, the leaders of the different workpackages, the members of the REIVAC leading committee and a representative of the platform EUCLID (EUropean CLInical Trials Services Platform & Development).
  •     The committee monitoring studies and composed of members of the REIVAC former management team.

All these committees are assisted by a scientific board and an ethics one both from the Inserm.

The operational management of the network relies on the Works packages Leaders (cf. diagram n°1) and the coordination team (cf. diagram n°2).

Schema n°1 :




















 Schema n°2 :