Our expertise and strengths

 Our  Expertise






 Our strengths

  • Administration
    • Efficiency
    • A dedicated coordination team
    • Unique contact point for administrative and financial matters
    • A unique unified budget proposal
  • Logistics
    • Presence within university hospitals
    • 7 immuno-monitoring laboratories
    • Recruitment of healthy volunteers facilitated by an electronic database
    • Collaborations between CICs and local hospital networks simplifies patient recruitment
    • Optimal safety guaranteed to participants and adapted procedures for phase I trials
    • Vaccine storage and dispensation by certified facilities
    • Patient cohorts and a Biobank
  • Scientific Skills
    • Gathering specialised skills
    • Significant clinical and scientific expertise in vaccinology
    • European  experience
    • Annual scientific day meeting
  • Quality Skills
    • Clinical studies based on good clinical practice, current regulations, ethics and Quality Assurance