Research themes

 I-REIVAC set up an ambitious scientific program which develops six themes:

  1. Development of new anti-infectious vaccinations (preventive and therapeutic), with an emphasis on pre-clinical tests in collaboration with public and private partners.
  2.  Vaccination of specific populations which should encourage the development of international collaborations, especially for studies concerning patients with rare and/or complex diseases (diabetes, auto immunity, transplantation, pregnancy, elder people and health professionals).
  3.  Evaluation of benefit/risk of vaccination thanks to phase 4 studies in pharmaco-epidemiology and vaccination efficiency on people.
  4.  Evaluation of immunology mechanisms and determiners of vaccination reaction, including the identification of biomarkers and correlates of immunity.
  5.  Development of the Human and Social Sciences theme thanks to specific studies or nested case-control studies whose objective is to better identify fears and potential apprehension regarding vaccination.
  6.  Setting up of the Biobank.