Our Objectives

  • Enhance the visibility and competitiveness of France in vaccination research,


  • Develop a quality and attractive scientific program for industrial and university partners,


  • Promote French excellence thanks to:
    • International university studies coordinated by French researchers,
    • Preclinical tests in collaboration with pharmaceutical industries, biotech’s, etc.


  • Develop European and international strong and efficient collaboration.


Our objectives in terms of regulation & ethics


  •  Guarantee the carrying out of clinical studies in vaccinology according to the regulations in force,  


  •  Respect quality standards and patient safety at each center.  


To achieve these objectives, the network will rely on the ‘’ INSERM Ethics Committee ’to help it validate ethical and regulatory issues.

 I-REIVAC will entrust the "Quality Group" with the development of procedures harmonized with those of F-CRIN and their proper use by each of the centers.

 The network has harmonized common tools, in particular a budget grid and a single agreement applicable to all participating centers.