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I-REIVAC is the only French network for clinical research in vaccinology. Under the aegis of the ITMO Public Health (AVIESAN), it has been labeled a network of excellence within the framework of the F-CRIN project.


The network is part of the Vaccinology Research Consortium (CoReVac) created by the Institute of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (IMMI).



The I-REIVAC network is committed to Covid 19!  


  • Selection at the PHRC of the project led by the I-REIVAC network aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of BCG vaccination in the prevention of COVID 19 in healthcare staff (promoter: AP-HP),

Healthcare workers are the forefront of caring for Covid-19 patients ansd those at the high risk of becoming infected. Evidence from mice and humans supports BCG protection against viral respiratory infections. 

The clinical trial on 1120 subjects to be included aims to evaluate in health personnel exposed to SARS-CoV-2 the protection conferred by a BCG revaccination againt Covid-19.

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Following the coronavirus epidemic, the 14th day of I-REIVAC scientific meeting on March 20, 2020 has been postponed to a later date which will be communicated to you shortly.  

14th day of scientific meeting I-RIEIVAC March 20, 2020

  "State of play, 2 years after the implementation of vaccine obligations"


"Towards personalized approaches in vaccinology"  

Registration at the address: ireivac.institutionnel.cch@aphp.fr

Due to the limited number of places available,

Registration is free but required.  

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